Mother's Day Is For… Cheaters?


unfaithful mom
Ashley Madison does a swift trade the day after Mother's Day.

While I'm mostly kidding, I do think we're approaching a new epoch in romantic relationships. Getting away with cheating was ridiculously easy up until the last 10-15 years, Americans are far more interested in their sexuality than ever before and we're living too long for forever to be a realistic option for everyone. Hopefully I'm wrong, monogamy and fidelity sound pretty awesome. One of the reasons that celebrity infidelity is so fascinating is that it holds up a funhouse mirror to the rest of society. I wonder, as "uncommon arrangements" become more of the norm, if the Greek Chorus will chant louder at celebrity misdeeds or step into the shadows. Read: Jesse James In Sex Rehab: Too Little, Too Late?

Any thoughts about the day after Mother's Day being big for Ashley Madison? Will sex outside of a marriage become more acceptable? Will we start treating celebrity misdeeds as the business of consenting adults and none of ours?

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