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Vote For YourTango In The 2010 Intent Web Awards


Vote For YourTango In The 2010 Intent Web Awards
YourTango has been nominated in the category of Sex & Relationships. Vote for us!

It has come to our attention that Intent—a web community filled with content on how best to fulfill your aspirations—has us listed as a nominee for their 2010 Intent Web Awards, in the category of Sex & Relationships.

You love us! You really love us!

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Before begging you to vote for us, we'd like to thank you for even nominating us in the first place. Intent's nominees come from readers on their website, and on Twitter and Facebook. It means a lot to us that, when you're thinking of love, we're the name that pops into your head. We must be doing something right! (Right?)

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Intent describes their nominees as "the best in their field, helping bring love and happiness to the masses through inspiring articles, stories and advice." If you feel that this description is aligned with what we're doing here at YourTango, we encourage you to vote for us. Winning would give us such the warm fuzzies!

Need a little bit more convincing? Check out some of our latest pieces on love and relationships. And, if you find yourself inspired (or, at the very least, entertained), cast your vote our way:

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