Love Bytes: Bad Sex Tips To Avoid

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Plus, a new sex scandal in the Oval Office and chick flicks that are really for guys.

Love Bytes: Fifteen must-click love and relationship links.

WeTV's newest reality show features seniors mastering the stripper pole, getting tattoos, and enjoying BOBs ("battery operated boyfriends"). [Café Mom]

Mother's Day should be a day of celebration and joy, but how do those who have lost their mothers get through this holiday? [The Frisky]

Proving that mothers sometimes really do know best, five couples share stories of how they met. [TrésSugar]

He has inspired hope and change around the world, but now he is at the center of a presidential-sized sex scandal. [Asylum]

A college student gives pointers on how to award positive behavior in bed. [College Candy]

The next time you feel like arguing with your boyfriend, don't hold back. Conflict is good for a healthy relationship. [Divine Caroline]

Ten ways to turn an everyday phone conversation into an orgasmic experience. [Em and Lo]

Eight good reasons why kissing on the first date can go from romantic to disastrous. [Shine on Yahoo]

Motherhood is not all screaming babies and dirty diapers. In fact, it could be a spiritually enlightening experience. [Huffington Post]

You shouldn't believe all that you read, much less practice these bad sex tips in bed. [Nerve]

A woman who has experienced sleeplessness all her life contemplates the men who have shared her bed. [Glo]

A man and a woman dish on which is worse: physical or emotional cheating. [Marie Claire]

The next time he offers to watch a movie with you, beware of these "chick flicks" in disguise. [Guyism]

A new report reveals that women who live below the poverty line are more likely to get an abortion. [Double X]

Kim Kardashian can have any man she wants, so long as he isn't Justin Bieber. [Pop Eater]


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