Is It Michelle McGee's Mission To Torment Sandra?


Is It Michelle McGee's Mission To Torment Sandra?
Sandra Bullock leaves Hollywood as Michelle McGee flaunts her Nazi tattoo.

Sources tell me that Sandra plans to split her time between her beloved Austin, Texas, and an old Victorian house she purchased in baby Louis' birth town of New Orleans. And as far as going back to work, friends say, "She might never make another film again. Now her life is about her son and finding happiness again." [Source: PopEater]

And if anyone or anything exemplifies the fakeness of Hollywood the most, than it is Michelle McGee and InTouch magazine. Purportedly, the tabloid asked Michelle McGee to text message Jesse James right before they ran their story just to confirm the "romance" and rub salt in the celebrated actress' wounds.


Let it be noted that her predatory behavior happened whilst Sandra was supposed to be on top: An Academy Award AND a new baby at home. 7 Worst Mistresses Of All Time