5 Products That Will "Save" Your Relationship!


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Check out these infomercials and thank us later.

 3. The Snuggie for Two. You know what's terrible? Lying on the couch and not being able to read or watch TV because your arms are under a blanket and it's too cold to stick 'em out. Well, some Prometheus stole Snuggies from the gods and saved us from this discomfort.

But what about couples who want to couch it up together? Sure you could pull a Ghost (one person nesting sensually behind the other) but that could lead to something unintended. This sombitch will keep the TV watching going and the HJ unnoticed. (Note: It's a backwards robe, people.)


Watch: Snuggie: The Ultimate Relationship Killer

4. KY Yours + Mine Lube. Isn't sex sort of, well, mediocre these days? The people at KY are on the case. And this time around the lubricant isn't just a one-trick pony. (Note: This lubricant should probably just be used for sex acts and not automotive or other mechanical uses. You're better off with a 3-in-1 oil for those applications.) Read: NYU Prof Shows Students How To Use Lube


5. SpatSolver. Have you ever been had an argument over what was or wasn't said? Of course you have. The SpatSolver will literally save your relationship by never, ever having to say, "I told you so, dill wad."

It's up to you to figure out which of these products are real... Any other relationship saving products out there?

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