Cameron Diaz And Alex Rodriguez Having Sleepovers


Cameron Diaz Alex Rodriguez dating
Yankee slugger's new blonde seen leaving his apartment Sunday morning.

Kate is reportedly super pissed about Alex and Cameron's romance, although we think she shouldn't have been surprised: Cameron is exactly the type he always goes for, an athletic blonde. He met his ex-wife, former volleyball player Cynthia Scurtis Rodriguez, at the gym, and he dated ripped-arms enthusiast Madonna in 2008. Then there's lithe and lovely Kate, who could convincingly play Cameron's sister if she could get over her blind hatred. And we recommend she does. After all, when CamRod ends, and it will, Cameron will need someone to cry to about how he was a self-involved shmuck who was always asking if she liked him better than she liked Derek Jeter.

Via Us Weekly. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.