5 Tips For Choosing Lingerie That Men Love


woman in pink bra
What men think about your lingerie and tips for choosing sexy styles men love.

4. He Says: Remember the accessories. To take your boudoir dressing up a level, remember to accessorize with shoes or jewelry. The only thing sexier than a woman in lingerie is a woman in lingerie in sexy heels wearing a necklace that does not come off when everything else does. And every time he sees you in your accessory of choice, he'll be thinking about what you're wearing underneath.

We Say: This may be the only time he notices the jewelry we're wearing. We're on it.


5. He Says: Know how to flatter and accentuate the shape of your body. Wear what makes you look and feel beautiful, sexy, and confident. On the flip side, don't try to wear something that doesn't flatter your body.  Remember that men process things visually: we don't read that much into subtext, effort or intent. In the end, wear what makes you look amazing vs. putting on what you think we want you to wear.  We want two things: you to look sexy and to own it, and for us to get excited by seeing you that way (yes, it's really that simple).

We Say: When all is said and done, all undergarments off and on the floor, the sexiest thing you can bring to the bedroom is confidence, whether it comes in the shape of lacy boyshorts or a neon Pink bra. Wear what makes you feel sexy, both in and out of your clothes. As for the smoke and mirrors we admittedly sometimes wear? We asked Abraham: pushup bra or no pushup bra? Is there disappointment at the big reveal? "You know, boys keep score about bra-size. Men don't." Noted. Wear it, rock it, know you look damn good, and he'll just feel lucky he gets to be in the same room as you. 3 Must-Have Sexy Little Black Dresses

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