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Single ready to mingle:)



Just got out out of a relationship... a pretty long one indeed. Was wondering what I would do with ma life once I got out of that thing. The moment I broke up, I felt like after a long time I had actually started focusing on myself and my life. I started taking care of all the things that were neglected during my relationship. things started going on smooth and I thought I would stay single for a while to enjoy life at its fullest. 

I made all those things right that I thought had been wrong for a while. in fact life is at its best at the moment:)... I sometimes wonder whether it was my over involvement in the relationship that made me lose sight of things around me or was it because of the fact that I had so many probx with ma partner that I wouldn't get my mind to things that count in my life. I think the later makes more sense to me now Since i have seen couples who are really happy together and at the same time taking care of things perfectly in their lives. For that reason, I again considered getting hooked up with someone who would understand me better and bring out the best in me....! Hoping to find one soon!


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