Baby Bytes: Mother's Day 2010 Edition

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Don't buy mom these thoughtless gifts, and other pieces of link love.

Baby Bytes is a roundup of parenting-related links from around the web:

Baby Bytes: 6 must-click Mother's Day-centric mommy links.

One woman wants just one thing for Mother's Day: the chance to take a break from motherhood. [momlogic]

Vaginal surgery consultant Vanessa Scott asks that we thank our moms for stretching their lady parts just to have us. [SF Weekly]

Raise your hand if you've purchased one or more of the items on this list of World's Worst Mother's Day Gifts. [momlogic]

She may not be your mom, but she's the mother of your children. And for this, she should be honored this Mother's Day. [hitched]

"My mother taught me about STAMINA... 'You'll sit there 'til all that spinach is finished.'" and other things our mothers taught us. [iVillage]

Mother's Day cards we'd send to our mom... if only she knew how to use the Internet. [momlogic]

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