Single Women: Date The Opposite Of Your Type


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A new book by Andrea Syrtash urges single women to date the opposite of their type. Here's why.
  1. Departure nontype (DNT): he has the opposite qualities of the people you often date
  2. Superficial nontype (SNT): he doesn't add up on paper and doesn't fit the criteria on your perfect-spouse checklist
  3. Circumstantial nontype (CNT): even though you normally would, outside circumstances prevent you from going for him

Below, we've outlined some of the most common nontypes and what Syrtash has to say about them.

"He's Too Nice"(DNT)


So, so, so, so SO many women are attracted to bad guys. And we get it, we really do. They're exciting and interesting and live on the edge. But they always end up treating us poorly. We expect them to change but they never do. So instead of jumping from one bad boy to another, Syrtash suggests something absolutely revolutionary: give a nice guy a chance! Remember, like she says in the book, "Nice and weak are not synonymous." 5 Courtship Rules Modern Daters Can Use

"Dating Down"(SNT)

According to OKCupid, 51 percent of female users polled say they would not consider dating a shorter man. But when it comes down to it, something superficial like height has very little to do with compatibility and long-term romantic success. How would we like it if a man refused to date us because of something like shoe size? If you've fallen for a man of shorter stature, buy yourself a trunk-load of flats and go with it. Just be happy you've found someone you love

"He's Just A Friend"(CNT)

Many women look at turning friendship into romance as too risky. But what kind of relationship is without risk? Sure you could be jeopardizing your friendship, but the possible payoff is priceless. The truth is many long-lasting romantic relationships begin in friendship. So don't use the "he's just a friend" excuse. If you feel a spark, follow up on it. Many happily married couples refer to their spouse as their best friend, and you've already got that part of the equation! 7 Things All Single Women Need

From now on, when you're approached by someone who isn't your type don't immediately write them off. Because what do you know about your type anyways? Give him a try and the benefit of the doubt. He might surprise you.

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