The Real L Word: Lesbian Voyeurism Or Good TV?


the real l word lesbian reality tv show
Reviewing The Real L Word, reality tv show about lesbians and their love lives.

On June 20, Showtime unveils The Real L Word, a reality show about the real lives of Los Angeles lesbians. If you think this sounds eerily familiar, you're right. The Real L Word is the reality kid sister of the network's similar, scripted series, The L Word. This "real" version, however, promises to give curious viewers a true-to-life glimpse into the lives of ladies who lust after ladies. 

So how does the species behave, you ask? Well, after viewing the preview trailer, a few truths seem evident: they're just as slutty and commitment-phobic as men, as lonely as Bridget Jones-era straight chicks and as boring as your average hetero, male or female. 


Rose, who says that Papi from The L Word was loosely based on her, is the series' Latina fire cracker. She proudly tells the camera that she "f*cks five girls at once" but "hates being single." Oh, what a weepy contradiction. Whitney, meanwhile, regularly "gets consumed with lust"—cut to the steamy screenshot of her ravaging a pretty young thing on a bed. Resident couple Jill and Nikki, while curled on a couch with a little dog, tell the camera they're "the straightest gay couple." Straightest gay couple? What does that even mean? Straight couples come in so many shades and hues. Do they role play? Does one take out the garbage while the other yells about the toilet seat? 

It's tough to tell if this series has legs or not. Are lesbians so much of an anomaly that their lifestyle will captivate viewers? What makes this group of confused-yet-relatable-but-not-too-relatable "real women" any more interesting than The Real Housewives, or any other glossy prototype on TV today?

If all else fails, there seem to be enough camera pans of lesbian sex to lure in men for at least an episode or two. When Lesbian Obsessions Backfire On Men

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