Divorced Women Turning to Plastic Surgery

Divorced Women Turning to Plastic Surgery
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People usually go in for cosmetic surgery after a dramatic change, such as a divorce, in their lives. A number of surveys have revealed that divorced women spend a considerable portion of their alimonies in getting a breast augmentation or a facelift or an anti-aging treatment or a nose job or anything to make them feel better. A small percentage of these women opt for plastic surgery with the intention of attracting a new and younger lover.

Divorced women who go in for plastic surgery procedures opt for anti-aging treatments not just to feel good and enhance self-confidence, but also to look younger and find attractive mates or enhance their chances of getting suitable dates. Moreover. everybody is in need of some positive change after divorce; and getting cosmetic surgery done to enhance one's looks appears to be a great idea.

Several surveys have been conducted on the matter; and one of these reveals that 64 percent of the women who opt for post-divorce cosmetic surgery do so because they want to boost their self-confidence, 42 percent want to look younger, and 13 percent admitted they want to attract a new lover. A huge majority of these women undergo cosmetic surgery just because they want it for themselves and a small percentage feel that it will make them more desirable to others.

The National Women's Health Resource Centre conducted a survey, which showed  that more than 40 percent of the women who go in for cosmetic surgery after divorce do so simply because they want to look and feel good.

Undoubtedly, plastic surgery can help women boost self-confidence and feel good  after divorce. People do get attracted to good looking people and this plays a great role in enhancing self-esteem. However, the President of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons Doughlas McGeorge voiced his opinion that divorced women must wait till they put some semblance of order into their lives before opting for plastic surgery. Although cosmetic/plastic surgery has its positive effects, he urged women to think deeply before coming to a decision.


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