Marriage And Multiples: Surviving 3 Sets Of Twins


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A writer with three sets of twins describes how having multiples affected her marriage.

I truly believe that if a person keeps himself or herself grounded in reality, keeps priorities in order, exudes a positive attitude, holds tightly to faith in God and finds the humor in everyday events, true happiness and contentment will naturally follow.

Bruce and I struggle day-to-day with finances, children getting sick, plans that fall through and with dreams that have not been fully realized, but we are committed to our marriage. Although we argue, disagree and have bad days (or weeks), we persevere and remember that we're in this together—for better or for worse.


Does having three sets of twins make our marriage worse? Ask me some days, and I'll say YES! But this is our life, and we know that we are all blessed with each other to laugh with, wrestle with, eat dinner with, share with and say good night to at the end of each day… and to be greeted by at the start of the next.

Fran Pitre is the author of Twins X 3: A mom of three sets of twins gives her personal testimony that all things are possible with God. Visit her website or check out the book on Amazon.

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