Courtney Love's 5 Most Disastrous Romances


Courtney Love
Should Courtney Love's exes start a support group? The singer isn't an easy lady to date.

3. Edward Norton - Billy isn’t the only ex Courtney has fought with on Twitter. Earlier this year, Courtney ranted online that former boyfriend Ed Norton caused her to lose $300,000 in a fund he reportedly told to invest in. However, she has since tweeted that she was “wrong” and that she actually tripled her money, not lost it. The two dated for several years, after starring together in The People vs. Larry Flynt.

"I feel very bad," Love told the New York Daily News. "I have the greatest respect for Edward. He could be the President of the United States. I could be his drug czar - ha, ha."


Edward Norton, for his part, has stayed quiet about the whole affair. (Remember, the first rule of Fight Club...)

4. Gavin Rossdale - Does Gavin Rossdale has a secret Tiger Woods-like past we don’t know about? Courtney went on Howard Stern's show yesterday and claimed that she had a relationship with Gavin Rossdale for 8 months while he was dating his now wife Gwen Stefani. Courtney Love: Matchmaker

“We had a really good time…” the Hole lead singer told Stern. “He was lovely.”

The relationship might have ended because, according to Courtney, “people” thought that Gavin was too much like her late ex, Kurt Cobain. Of course, there was also the fact that Gavin was apparently sleeping around with other women too. Gwen and Gavin Breaking Up?

Howard Stern: “You mean he was having sex with you while he was with her?”

“Everyone … yeah … and a few other people,” Courtney said. “We didn’t have a lot of pressure on each other, but we did like each other quite a bit.”

Gavin Rossdale already has one love child that we know about, but we hope for Gwen Stefani’s and their two cute-as-a-button kids’ sakes that he’s not the next married celebrity to have 20 mistresses popping out of the closet.

5. Russell Brand
- Watch your back, Courtney! Katy Perry might just want to join Gwen Stefani in kicking your ass. Long before Russell Brand became Katy Perry’s “groom-zilla,” the British comedian supposedly had a fling with Courtney, seducing her at a hotel in London in 2006. According to sources, Courtney later bragged to friends that Russell was “delicious.” However, now that he’s engaged to Katy Perry, she has changed her tune, telling reporters that he’s “too musky” for her. Meow!

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