What Your Clothes Say About Your Love Life


derek warburton
What a man's shoes says about him and more fashion wisdom from lifestyle guru Derek Warburton.

5. What's the perfect first-date outfit?

For a woman, the perfect first-date outfit is a little black dress. All men think this dress is sexy. Short but not too short, and cleavage but not too much. This will make the mind wander. Also, in a tasteful black dress, a guy will think from the first instant he can take you anywhere. That is the key to getting a guy. Guys want to take you anywhere. I literally met a guy yesterday who's dating a female friend of mine. He told me, when his mom asked what she was like he said "She's great! She can go to a rock club and in the same night we can go to a benefit, she's the perfect girl." First Date Fashion Faux Pas
6. What should you never wear on a first date?
Jeans and a T-shirt. Let him think you put some thought into it. Actually, let me take that back. You can wear jeans and a T-shirt if you wear stilettos. Men love heels. You can be in a camisole, tight jeans with the highest heels, and a guy will go crazy.

7. For the ladies: if you only buy one thing this spring what should it be?

This year anything studded is one of the biggest trends. Belts, bag and shoes are the hottest purchases. Also the motorcycle jacket. Guys love a motorcycle jacket on a girl. It makes them think that you would hop on, if they had one.

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