Can A Twitter Romance Lead To Real-Life Love?


twitter love romance birds kissing
Twitter love: a romance blossoms on Twitter, but can it survive the shift into real life?

Then something happened. On March 25 Patrick told me he was coming to Boston, the last weekend of April, for ROFLCon, "the world's most epic two-day internet culture conference." He asked if I would want to meet him there.

So now he's coming. Re-reading our tens of thousands of lines of chat has made me remember just how much I adore him. I have cried a few times, and I have also run to my bedroom a few times when I came to particularly steamy sections. But mostly, it has made me excited that the universe has come full circle and that we are going to meet—soon.


We both wonder how things will change after we finally see each other in person. Stay tuned—I'll be back in two weeks to let you know how it goes.

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