Tiki Barber Refuses To Support Pregnant Wife


Tiki Barber Refuses To Support Pregnant Wife
After leaving his pregnant wife for a 23-year-old, Tiki Barber ups the ante on bad behavior.

Tiki Barber, last seen abandoning his eight-months-pregnant-with-twins wife of 11 years for a 23-year-old NBC intern, is now lowballing wife Ginny on support for her and their children. We weren't sure Tiki could behave much worse after the whole taking-his-mistress-to-the-Olympics thing, but, well, he has. Ginny is on bedrest while she waits for her babies to finish cooking, but that didn't stop her from serving her cheating husband with divorce papers on Monday, citing "adultery." Ugh, what a shmuck.

So Tiki moved out of the Upper East Side home he and Ginny share with their seven- and six-year-old sons last fall, and the news broke last month that the reason was his years-long affair with NBC intern Traci Lynn Johnson. Now a friend of Ginny's tells The New York Daily News that after a brief hospitalization last week, Ginny is stuck at home for the rest of her pregnancy. "There have not been any complications, but her doctor said it's safer for her to stay in her home and stay in her bed," the source said. "She's a small woman and she's very pregnant. Aside from visits to her doctor, she's confined to her apartment." Cheating Myths Debunked

Tiki, though, is free as a bird, a cheating bird who abandoned his family. He's been seen escorting Traci to restaurants in New York and at last week's NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall, and is reportedly showering Traci with presents even as he shirks his responsibility to support his family. The Daily News's source said Ginny filed for divorce because "negotiations"—we guess mediation—didn't work out. "All she wants to do is make sure her kids are taken care of," the source said. "Suffice it to say she wouldn't have had to file for divorce if the negotiations had produced an agreement." Divorce Types: How To Choose

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