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Birth control options, Asian couples who dress alike and J JLO!

OK. End of the week, again, and it's time to give the rest of the web its due, albeit begrudgingly. Without further ado… the links:

You may be in need of weekend entertainment, our friends at CafeMom reviews the new Jennifer Lopez film The Back-Up Plan. I gather, she's still Jenny from the block. Spoiler alert: There are some clichés.

Jezebel breaks down the declaration that pregnant brides are the new hotness. The blog is surprisingly snark-lite and only minimally self-congratulatory. Kudos, gangsters.

HollywoodLife wants in on the J Lo insanity and they've got the video and breakdown of Jennifer Lopez's Marilyn Monroe birthday presentation for TV person George Lopez.

The old "Happy birthday, Mr. President" trick is a good one. Cosmopolitan breaks down other ways to impress a dude. DO NOT TRY TO TIE A CHERRY STEM IN YOUR MOUTH. IT'S RIDICULOUS AND IT INSULTS EVERYONE'S INTELLIGENCE.

My homies Em & Lo ( ask their man panel if they can spot a fake orgasm. Old man joke: How can you tell if a woman is having an orgasm? Punchline: Who cares? Thanks, the 9:30 is completely different from the 8 o'clock.

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