Love Bytes: What A Man's Car Says About Him


Plus, what your man's car says about his personality and how science can help your marriage.

Love Bytes: Ten must-click love and relationship links.

Dropping this dirty habit might mean saving your baby from turning out cross-eyed. [CaféMom]

Picking up a guy at a bar should be an easy task, except all the things that could go wrong. [The Frisky]

Can a relationship between 19-year-old Kick-Ass star Aaron Johnson and a 42-year-old cougar work? [Asylum]

Women are known to overanalyze everything, especially what men say and do. Here's a few reasons why "reading minds" is a bad idea. [Divine Caroline]

Only 23 percent of more than 100,000 women polled in New York say they use condoms during anal sex. [lemondrop]

Science proves that getting married may reduce your risk of having surgery, developing cancer, or experiencing a heart attack! Sounds like a good deal. [Em and Lo]

Who says life after marriage has to be dull and boring? Here are seven great ways to spice up your marriage. [Shine on Yahoo]

Before the Jerry Maguire refrain "You complete me," you first should aim for "I complete myself." Here's why. [Huffington Post]

We know a man's car is like his baby, but what do his wheels say about his personality? [Glo]

You may think you're the best girlfriend in the world, but what if you're subconsciously sabotaging the relationship? [Cosmopolitan]


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