Why Married Women Envy Single Women


woman with mud mask
Single women have what married women want.

When you're coupled up, you spend less time alone and more time with your partner. Which is nice, but you inevitably come to miss the mud masks and home mani-pedis... the pajama-clad outings and the indulgent nights in. More than that, however, you miss the simple act of being alone. Oh, how I miss being alone! The Pros And Cons of Long-Distance Dating

So all of you single ladies, don't be in such a rush to "put a ring on it." Enjoy this time while you have it. Don't spend so much time and energy looking for a mate because, once you have one, you're stuck with him for life. Take this time to learn to enjoy yourself, so that you're fully equipped to continue doing it when you're married. Revel in your loneliness, make margaritas in your sweatpants, experiment with nude yoga in your living room, put clothes on your dog and go to the gym without worrying about what time you have to be home to make dinner.

And a note to my fellow coupled-ups as well. Take time for yourself. Go out for dumplings and egg rolls alone while he's watching Monday night football, and then take yourself to a movie. Tell him that you know it's stupid, but you simply can't miss the episode where the doctor's ghost comes back to perform open-heart surgery. And wear your mud mask with pride. 

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