Lindsay Lohan Goes Mental On Sam Ronson Again


Lindsay Lohan disaster
Lindsay Lohan freaks out on her ex-girlfriend for the thousandth time. WTF, Lindsay?

Lindsay later Twittered, according the UK paper The Sun, "Fun @coachella but tonight @ my friernds bday party, @samantharonson spit in my face and left w/ @mileycyrus 's ex." (That would be underwear model Justin Gaston. He and Samantha are friends. We know: random!) The post has since been deleted, possibly because Lindsay realized that it was not, in fact, written in standard American English. Or more likely, that she was lying. Lindsay Lohan's Lovelorn Twitter Tantrum

E!'s sources say that Samantha did not spit at Lindsay. Because Samantha isn't an addict with the emotional maturity of a slightly dull-witted seven-year-old. "[The ice-throwing is] where it ended," the source said. "Samantha didn't spit in Lindsay's face." Samantha Ronson Sick Of Lohan Drama


To recap: Lindsay Lohan is still a mess, one for which we're finding our sympathy waning. It's time for her to get help, go into hiding, or shut the hell up. Or all three. Ooh, or maybe she could try getting a job and being a productive member of society. There's a novel fracking idea.

Via TMZ, The Sun, and E! Online. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.