Dating Red Flags: 5 Signs He's A Control Freak


angry man's fist on table with a spill and a crushed paper cup
Red flag warning! Are you dating a control freak?

3. He puts down your girlfriends. Controlling men have a way of isolating women from their gal pals. It could be that he refuses to accompany you on group outings with your friends or that he demands to know where and with whom you are at all times. One of the tell-tale signs that he's slowly cutting you off from your friends is his readiness to bad-mouth them. 

Big Red Flag Story: "In my early twenties I was engaged to a man who wouldn't let me sit at the bar with my girlfriends. Why? Only sluts did that." 8 Reasons Your Friends Don't Like Your Boyfriend


4. He doesn't support your interests outside of him. If a man's insecure and controlling, you can bet he doesn't want you doing anything to improve yourself, unless of course it's for him. God forbid you realize you're too good for him. 

Big Red Flag Story: "After being at a dead-end job for five years, I decided that I wanted to go back to school for a Master's Degree. I was super excited about the programs I was looking into and thought my boyfriend would be thrilled to see me so happy. Instead, he told me he didn't support me going back to school because if I got a degree I might eventually make more money than him, which apparently 'isn't how it's supposed to be.'" Do You Make More Money Than Him?

5. He doesn't trust you. If you can't drive his car, make dinner reservations or walk your dog without him overseeing your every move, he's officially gone from protective to overbearing. When your man doesn't have confidence in your ability to do even the easiest of tasks, it's a sign that you'll always be a sidekick, and never a soul mate. 

Big Red Flag Story: "Broke, I planned to spend a quiet evening at home and steam some vegetables that were about to go bad. Having mentioned this to the guy I was seeing, I invited him over, saying I would also cook some chicken. To which he replied that he would bring the meat and prepare dinner because he was somewhat of a connoisseur, a.k.a. picky about his food. Far from a romantic dinner, the evening turned into him basically cooking dinner for himself in my kitchen—complaining that I did not have all the right utensils."

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Readers, have you ever dated a control freak? What were the red flags?

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