How To Forgive A Cheating Husband: Lessons From Elizabeth Edwards


John & Elizabeth Edwards
This year, learn how to let go of the past and find peace in the present.

She Put Family First.
A devoted mother, Edwards' love for her three children made healing her relationship with their father a priority, because she wanted him in the best possible emotional place to care for their kids after she was gone. "I see the father of my children, and that's very important to me," Edwards told Nate Berkus. "Particularly since I have a terminal disease, this is the person who at some point will take over the primary parenting, and it's important to me that he heals, if he needs to." 7 Surprising Facts About The New American Family

After all, co-parenting—especially for an extended period of time—can create a very powerful bond between two people. Of this, Weiner-Davis elaborates: "Why would Elizabeth have John Edwards at her bedside while she dies?' The answer is simple. Elizabeth and John have been married for 35 years, which is more than half her life. Together, they have three children. She believes that despite his transgression, he has been a good father to their children. Elizabeth commented that during hard times in their marriage, she leaned on John—as most spouses do. That's what good marriages are about—taking care of each other through thick and thin."

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