System FAIL


System FAIL

Last night, we had a system crash. I think the technical term for it is a system FAIL. Because of the system crash all the content you put on the site on April 19, has been lost. And while that is super frustrating for you it is ten times as frustrating for us because we are missing out on your insights, your comments and your fabulous posts. We would love it if you could repost your blogs and questions and keep continuing the conversation; however, if you can't don't worry.

We totally blame the ash cloud, although we are pursuing an investigative trail that our editor believes is connected to the end of the world in 2012. I personally think the gods are mad at Justin Beiber and have decided to systematically punish the world in the best way they know how...causing a system crash at a love and relationships web site.


We joke, but really, we know how frustrated you are. Trust us. We've already started drinking today and it's before noon. If you need any help or want to vent, feel free to reach out to the Community Manager Lyz 

Also, be sure to check out our FAQ if you have any additional site snaf- related questions.

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