Top 13 Sex Discoveries Of 2010


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Science was hard at work in 2010 unearthing 13 fascinating discoveries about sex.

8.) A "promiscuity" gene has been discovered. After analyzing a group of sexually active young adults, researchers have concluded that there's a genetic tendency toward promiscuity. The desire to sleep around is linked with a dopamine receptor gene, DRD4, which is the same pleasure/reward gene to blame for a variety of thrill-seeking behaviors from gambling to drug use. Is DNA Really To Blame For Cheating, Promiscuity?

9.) Do sisters make men less sexually appealing? A study out of the University of Texas noticed that male rats with a plethora of sisters are less sexually appealing to lady rats. Why? Researchers aren't exactly sure, but noticed that boys in female-heavy litters had less girl suitors when ready to mate. However, aforementioned rats still got theirs—scientists noted that they still got girl rats pregnant at the end of the day. Do Sisters Make Men Less Appealing?


10.) A woman's sensitivity to touch linked with her ability to orgasm. Women who have greater sensitivity in their fingertips also orgasm more frequently than those who have delayed tactile responses. The study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine reports that there's a connection between physical touch and psychological development, meaning if your fingertips are self-aware, so is your whole body.

11.) Men with big bellies can last longer than their slimmer peers. Men with burgeoning bellies inadvertently have higher levels of the female sex hormone oestradial, which in turn affects the time elapsed before an orgasm. After a year-long study analyzing the BMI's and sex habits of 100 men, researchers found that fat guys lasted on average 7.3 minutes—slim men a mere 1.8 minutes. Why Men With Big Bellies Make Better Lovers

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