Top 13 Sex Discoveries Of 2010


Couple wearing glasses and reading in bed
Science was hard at work in 2010 unearthing 13 fascinating discoveries about sex.

4.) Men don't know when women orgasm. Either women need to stop faking or men need to pay closer attention. The National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior report that 85 percent of men say their women climaxed during their last sexual encounter. In reality only 64 percent of women reported actually having an orgasm. A tip for men: women report reaching orgasm more quickly when their partners mixes it up in bed. 5 Fascinating Sex Facts From Largest Sex Survey

5.) A good job is good for your sex life. A University of Wisconsin study of 500 couples revealed that the most sexually satisfied couples also had the best jobs. So, logically, one would assume that those who work hard in life also overachieve in the bedroom. And, contrary to old stereotypes of the lonely, brainy spinster, a sociologist out of the University of California proved that the more educated a lady, the more likely she is to marry. Ambitious, Overachieving Women Have The Best Sex


6.) Sex makes your brain bigger. A band of researchers in Princeton aimed to find out if regular sex caused any physical changes in the brain. Lo and behold, rats who got laid on a regular basis experienced an increase in neurons in the hippocampus, the part of the brain associated with memory. The sex-happy rats also experienced more adult brain cell growth and connections between those cells. Sexually deprived rodents were more anxious and boasted higher levels of stress. Sex Makes Our Brains Bigger. Seriously.

7.) Nearly half of married women say their husband is not best sex they've ever had. Equal parts disheartening and refreshing, the results from an iVillage survey revealed that half of married women say their husband isn't the best sex they've ever had. The finding tells us that bedroom prowess isn't at the top of women's "must-have" list, but is that good news or bad news? Is Your Spouse The Best Sex You've Ever Had?

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