Judging A Guy's Dating Potential By His Job


Line up of men in suits
Cop, writer, rock star? Think twice.

7. Insurance Agent/CPA/Accountant

Pros: Reliable. Trustworthy. Deeply familiar with risk determination.
Cons: Boring. Won't stop talking about latest tax revisions. Wears pleated khakis.
Conclusion: Better than the rent boy, but she must be able to tolerate protracted discussions of the weather to make it last over the long haul. The Frisky: We Judge You Because Of Your Awful Boyfriend


8. Rock Star/Spiritual Leader/Zealot

Pros: Charismatic. High-strung. Capable of winning over large numbers of people through oratory skills.
Cons: Polemical. Possesses plaster cast of own penis. Keeps running off on missions to war-torn countries.
Conclusion: Avoid.

Written by Susanah Breslin for The Frisky

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