Kim Kardashian Swears Off Dating In 2011. Is It A Good Idea?


Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian says she wants to be single in 2011. Is it a good idea to swear off dating?

In Coopersmith's mind, our ex-loves lead to our next loves. From every failed relationship, we learn something new about ourselves and about our partners. We're reminded not only of the qualities we desire in a relationship, but also of the qualities we don't. We know what to look for in the future, what really makes us happy and what doesn't. It's about using our past experiences and/or disappointments, not running from them. For The Love Of Dating

Sure, staying single has its advantages. You don't have to worry about dividing your attention between your home and work life, you're financially independent and you don't need to check in with anyone about where you are or what you're doing. But, it also has its disadvantages. It can be very lonely, and your life may lack intimacy, not to mention having to explain to everyone why you're "still" single. Yet, Coopersmith finds these advantages become irrelevant when you are with the "right" person.


If not a year without men, how else can Kim find romantic bliss? And how can we?

For starters, we can date men we normally would not. Kim goes weak in the knees for football players, and maybe you go weak in the knees for bad boys. It's time to change it up! Next, we can "silence outsiders," i.e., Kris Jenner or your closest friend, telling us how or whom to date. Ultimately, it's our choice, and quieting outside input can help us "determine what matters most to us." After all, as Coopersmith so eloquently put it, dating is love’s greatest teacher and if your (and Kim's) goal is to have a gorgeously rich, fulfilling relationship, how can a year without love get you closer to that? Keeping Up With Kim Kardashian's Dating Spree

Is a year without dating a good idea?

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