Kim Kardashian Swears Off Dating In 2011. Is It A Good Idea?


Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian says she wants to be single in 2011. Is it a good idea to swear off dating?

Kim Kardashian doesn't keep very much confidential, especially when it comes to her relationships, but that's going to change in 2011, as the reality star has sworn off dating. Kim Kardashian Dumps Gabriel Aubry

In an interview on The Rachel Ray Show, Kim revealed she wants to try being alone for a change. The reality star, who was most recently linked to Halle Berry's ex Gabriel Aubry, also explains her decision by saying she's never done what she's wanted in a relationship and between all her projects, she hardly has the time to put her focus on someone else. Kim did admit she may run in to trouble in 2011 because she's a hopeless romantic. Love Trends In 2011: Our 10 predictions


Aw, aren't we all Kim? But, is swearing off dating completely a good idea? Love stylist and YourTango Expert Tristan Coopersmith disagrees. She questions Kim motiviations for making such a resolution because her hiatus will only work if she's going to use her time to really heart-search. An honest search inside will "reveal where the lack has been in her relationships thus showcasing the shifts she needs to make in order to achieve a healthy, happy, sustainable relationship."

We've all been in Kim's shoes. We've been in relationships that have, for one reason or another, fallen short. Taking some time for ourselves to reevaluate our love life and dating habits isn't only beneficial but sometimes necessary. This is why it's important we do so for the right reasons. When Kim says she's never been in a relationship and done what she wanted, it's not about not being in a relationship. It's about not being in the right one. What Rich Women Want: George Clooney

Coopersmith believes divorcing oneself from the prospect of love won’t solve your problems, but understanding why you see men who limit you or why you can’t vocalize your needs will. Moreover, setting aside your relationships for work isn't a valid reason for a "mencation," because women can always make time if something worthwhile comes along. When Kim does meet the right man, "he'll naturally fall into the rhythm of her life, because her life is better because of him."

"Hanging up a permanent 'do not disturb' sign to something as healthy as love can be self-defeating. From Kim’s statement, it doesn’t seem like she has a real motivation for her love hiatus, or at least not one she is sharing, publicly. If she thinks something magical will happen at the end of 2011, she is fooling herself. In order to blossom, you have to water your garden, you can’t just starve it," Coopersmith said.

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