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"I've been with my boyfriend for nearly 2 years. He is my first boyfriend and I never thought that it would last long. things went really fast and we were in a steady relationship all of a sudden. What I feel for him is love and I think that he could be the one, I just think I met him too early. I want to meet other people and see what the world has to offer me before I think about getting married. I'm 21 years old I thought in this time in my life I would have been going out and flirting with boys, all I do now is whine about how insensitive he can be.

Right now every person looks good and I flirt a little, then I have wild fantasies about them. I am also bisexual and have never had sex with a girl, I want to and always thought I would have done it in my life. "

by sighAngel

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