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What's the right age to get married? What if he's not into sex?

More guy guidance; Em & Lo ( ask their man panel about the importance of a dude's friends' opinions regarding his special lady. I believe Percy Sledge's "When A Man Loves A Woman" sums the whole thing up, "When a man loves a woman… turn his back on his best friend, if he put her down."

Friends have codes, sometimes it's the bro code. Betty Confidential wants to know what you think of dating a best friend's ex. It depends: do you only care about your own selfish feelings or not? Read: Would You Hook Up With A Friend's Ex?


Lemondrop breaks down an interesting study that shows that more than twice as many youngsters have had a random hookup than a first date. Phaw, way to go, kids. First dates are awful. I mean, stop being so cavalier about sex, young people. It's a big deal.

Jingles, evidently, I don't get America's under-25 set. Per LimeLife, 11% of people under a quarter century would pause sexual activity to check a Facebook or Twitter account. What's the etiquette for being on the other end of that? Put on your pants and go home, right? 

Per MomLogic, it turns out that some married (and single, I suppose) men are just not into sex. They've a nice slide show regarding options on remedying a fella's lackluster attitude towards getting it on. He could have Low T, consult a doctor, do not consult a pool boy.

And Nerve has the 10 sexiest movie super heroes. Somehow they miss Will Smith as Hancock. It's Will Smith, ya'll. And half of the character's name is…

Finally, big congratulations to the YourTango home office. Our Facebook Etiquette video was an official Webby Honoree in the best writing and best comedy short categories. Good going, gang. More adventures of Alice and Timmy.

As always, hit us with sites we should check out for next week's list.

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