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hand holding
What's the right age to get married? What if he's not into sex?

Periodically, one of our friends or competitors in the Internet love content game (or blogosphere) publishes something before we've had a chance to get to it. And kudos to them. Here's the best the web had to offer this week.

My pal Julie Spira had a fun scoop at Huffington Post: the cyber hand. Don't think of Luke Skywalker, think of chatting someone up online (or going further) and being able to have a similar sensation as holding his/ her actual paw. Some real year 2000 stuff up in here. Read: Look For These Red Flags In Online Dating Profiles


At The Frisky, a discussion about the right age to get married. It's not always "after life has lost it's luster entirely"? Someone Google it.

Asylum picks right up on this timing theme and discusses the statistics around deflowering. Most Americans give it up in their teens, though more boys give up their virginity before their twenties. Also, most teenage boys are filthy liars. Read: Losing Virginity Later Can Lead To Sexual Problems

Speaking of young at heart, Larry King is getting his 8th divorce and it is getting U-G-L-Y. His Amazonian wife, Shawn Southwick, is waiting for the septuagenarian TV personality with the gloves off. Sex with her sister, by him, has been alleged, per CafeMom.

On the topic of cheating hearts, Gawker has it on some authority (good, bad or indifferent, it's hard to tell) that Eliot Spitzer once nailed (sorry, sexed) three hookers in one day. While there was no word on whether it was a calendar day or a 24-period, Charlie Sheen is giving a standing ovation somewhere.

My buddy Ky Henderson has some guy wisdom over at Cosmopolitan. He breaks down what a guy thinks when you're crying (and other outbursts). Generally, it's "don't get an erection if she wants to be held" or "do get an erection if she needs an outlet. Be a man, be a man for once. Don't let her down, think of something sexy."

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