9 Sneaky Ways To Let Him Know You Like Him


woman touching man
Find the middle ground between overt flirting and being too coy.

5. Establish an inside joke. It doesn't have to be a real inside joke; it can be flashing Blue Steel or some other Wes Anderson silliness. A little bit of us-against-them draws people closer (please do not use any of these tips for demagoguery).

6. Ask him about things in his wheelhouse. Everyone feels good about slamming home answers in his areas of expertise; throwing in a bit of fawning over the depth and breadth of his knowledge is pretty slick, too (maybe even with a lean forward, hand-to-the-chest maneuver).

7. Take plenty of photographs featuring the both of you. This may be your instinct. Go with it and post those photos where applicable. Have someone else hold the camera and do the hand-over-the-iPhone-close-together pic. 

8. Try a little dancing. Sure, grinding on the dance floor may not be your style, but you don't have to dagger (vertical, public frottage) to trigger a "hey, this is sort of like sex" light bulb. Dancing Can Improve Your Relationship

9. Talk closely and, possibly, privately. A little bit of loud music is a good reason to sit very close and chat. Boisterous goings-on are a great excuse to take a step into an adjoining room... alone. 4 Tricks To Instantly Connect With Anyone

If all else fails (you're probably dealing with a fellow who is obtuse, uninterested or both), ramp up the physical contact. Do not attempt to knot a cherry stem in your mouth. And only write an explicit note on a cocktail napkin if you're prepared for his friends and the internet to see it.

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