Secret Desires Women Are Afraid To


Secret Desires Women Are Afraid To

It’s no mystery that “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”.  We all know it’s easy enough to displease a woman. But how to please a woman? That’s a different mystery.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

 Women are complicated creatures and it’s sometimes tricky to figure out what turns us on and off in bed. The good news is we know what we want and, by paying attention and experimenting a little, soon enough you’ll be in on all the best secrets.


We’re here to help solve the puzzle of what women really want from their man in bed.  The secret desires women have been afraid to tell you are finally revealed.  So read up and put your new knowledge to work--tonight.

Start Early
One of the main differences between men and women is the question of foreplay.  Women love it and want it to last—the build-up is sometimes better than the main event.  To really please your woman, indulge her in some slow, teasing, PG-13 action to set the mood, build her desire and show her you know what makes her happy.

Take Charge
Women can be in charge in the office, kitchen, and just about anywhere else.  But sometimes we like to sit back and have a man take the lead when it comes to sex.  Switch things up from your usual routine and initiate a romp when she least expects it, or mix things up and take sex out of the bedroom and into a more unexpected venue.  Women love surprises, whether they come in the form of material gifts or a sexual treat.

Spill Your Secrets
Women aren’t the only ones with bedroom sex secrets that need to be shared.  If there’s something you like that your woman isn’t delivering, don’t be shy: women want to please their man and are open to hearing some gentle hints about what turns you on.  So speak up and guide your girl—you’re guaranteed to be happy with the results.

Listen Up

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