How To Get A Divorce


How To Get A Divorce
Don't allow your emotions to cost you legally once you decide to divorce.

Most who decide to divorce make the mistake of not familiarizing themselves with exactly what that means legally. Emotions rule our decision to divorce but legality rules what will happen once the decision to divorce is made. United States Divorce Laws

I urge you to study the divorce laws of your state. To learn what the divorce process is like in your state and to arm yourself with the knowledge needed to protect yourself during the legal divorce process.


Below is a brief outline of what the divorce process looks like. The steps you will take during the process will be dictated by your state’s divorce laws and the court within which you file for a divorce. You can get an idea though of what to expect during the divorce process from these steps.

1. File for divorce: You will have to complete this process with the help of your divorce attorney. If you find it a better option to file for divorce yourself, you can it do so by going to the courthouse. If you use an attorney he/she will take care of this step. The only thing required of you will be any documents your attorney will need to get the process started. Is Your Divorce Attorney Meeting Your Expectations?

2. Temporary hearing: Once the divorce petition is filed the court will set a date for a hearing that will deal with any temporary orders to be followed until there is a final order of divorce.

During the temporary hearing a temporary agreement would be made to set things in proper order. During the temporary hearing issues in regard to division of pension benefits, spousal support, child custody, marital debts, visitation and property distribution are settled. What Are a Woman's Rights During Divorce?

3. Mediation for the couple: In some states mediation is required if a divorcing couple is unable to come to an agreement. During mediation things or issues are settled on equitable distribution basis. You would have to make a list of all the items, which you feel should be divided. The article, Ten Tips to Ease Your Divorce: Mediate, Don’t Litigate will explain the process of mediation.

4. Pre-trial for the couple: During the process of pre-trial, you have to make a list of witnesses and evidence which would prove things in your favor should you go to divorce court. During this process it would be determined if your case would be moving further for the trial session. If you do go to divorce court below is a list of “thing” you can expect to happen.

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