Best Of The Web: Last-Minute Gifts!


Plus bad gifts, bad gift-givers and bad attitudes.

Huffington Post has Robert Leahy (PhD) take on the holiday blues. There're some great thoughts on the roots of loneliness and despair.

My buddy Simone Grant takes on holiday loneliness, swallows a bitter pill and realizes it absolutely, positively won't kill her. She and I agree very much on one thing: calling something a holiday survival guide is a pretty stupid unless it involves an actual trip to the North Pole.


All of us are very sensitive to Jesus birthday ennui. Em And Lo ( take on the question of whether you should dump someone before Christmas or afterwards. Not a fun question.

Asylum discusses the gift that keeps giving: wealth. It turns out that rich broads aren't so much into boy toys but attractive, older men who also earn good livings. Which begs the question: Are sugar daddies the only thing keeping upward mobility alive in this country?

And, finally, Nerve (who else?) has the best Craigslist personals ads of 2010. If your family is weird, feel free to print these and read ‘em by the fireside.

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