Do I love it or hate it?


Do I love it or hate it?

Okay so this is my first time so here it goes. I was married for ten very long years&have now been divorced for going on three. I recently have met the last two men in my life online, which is great they are wonderful men. I am finding though that as much as I want a relationship I tend to schedule certain days with them. I go have sex(protected) & then I leave. I never stay the night & I never really go on dates. They call or I call & I go to them. My last long term relationship was with a married man that lasted two going on three years. Now, I am just confused about life in general. Everyone tells me I should be with someone, everyone tells me that I need to find a man & settle down. Sometimes I feel like that would be nice. Is it wrong to just enjoy being me? Is it wrong to just meet up, have sex & leave. I am just confused about what society deems right & wrong.

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