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She Threatened Me Over The Phone

She Threatened Me Over The Phone

Just like most people, my ex and I have remained close friends. So close that we still call, text and hang out with each other. Of course, being this close to him has brought up some past feelings and I did want to get back with him but he told me he wanted to remain single and I respected that. But I still wanted to stay close to him just in case he ever changed his mind.

So the other day we decided that we were gonna wear the same color to school but we didn't have enough time to pick a color at that moment. I texted him later on that day asking him if he picked a color yet and I didn't get a respond for about 20 minutes, which was highly unlike him (he always answered back within a couple of minutes). I decided that I was gonna text him again and right when I reached for my phone an unknown number was calling me. I didn't answer at first because I never pick up unknown calls but the person called me again so I picked up this time. As soon as I said "Hello" some girl started yelling at me, saying "Stop talking and texting him. He has a girlfriend so leave him the hell alone. If you ever speak to him again your gonna regret it." Then she hung up. I was extremely pissed off and shocked at that moment. How dare some random girl call my phone telling me that I am not allowed to talk to him! And you would think that after calling me she would be satisfied but she obviously wasn't since she started texting me from his phone! She continued to talk a bunch of crap and I got tired of it. I wasn't going to stoop to her level but I did tell her that she was immature for arguing with me over a guy.

BTW, I am no longer talking to my ex anymore because he was with her when she was threatening me and he did nothing to stop her.


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