The Best Of The Web: Bad Dates & Scandals


Emergency contraception, sex scandals and pretty bad advice.

The crew at College Candy have news of an interesting study: at the University Of Kentucky only 1 of 5 students interviewed thought of oral sex as sex. Evidently, sex is intercourse to these youngins. One supposes President Clinton's stance on Sex V. Onanism may've set a precedent for these youngsters who don't remember his presidency.

Speaking of oral, MomLogic has an interesting Q&A about a woman who met her husband on Ashley Madison. Yep, she was creepin' and it worked out. They say that a dude who leaves for his mistress will likely have a mistress on her, how does that play with a cuckoldress? Read: Adultery Benefits Women? A Case For Ashley Madison


You'd imagine that Ashley Madison would inspire a few bad dates, my bud Simone Grant breaks down the anatomy of a bad date. Think sitting next to Ted Striker on a flight from LA to Chicago… Sometimes the only refuge is lighting yourself on fire.

Divine Caroline has a feature called 4-Way in which a quartet of guys are asked a question and they drop dude knowledge. This time around, a dude cops to having massive debt while in the second month of dating. They left out his current occupation, so impossible to answer. Fun Kanye West reference in there. Read: How Marriage Got Me Out Of Debt

On the topic of gainful employment, my bud Lost Plum is sick (and tired) of people complaining about exes. She highlights the good parts of bad dating experiences but more in a silver lining kinda way than a pining sorta style. Sometimes Goth kids, during some psuedo-satanic ritual, sometimes do say, "You know, maybe my mom and do get me, hmm?" Yep, bad dates and Satan.

Finally, Nerve clowns on some spicy advice from Cosmo and Men's Health. Yep, take it all with a grain of salt.

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