Love Bytes: How Green Is Your Bedroom?


Plus, Wikipedia lists bizarre sex positions and science explains why men should be honest.

Love Bytes: 10 must-click love and relationship links.

Should a woman have to give up her goals and dreams post-baby? [CafeMom]

Sex moves you're guaranteed never to have heard of, from The Abe Lincoln to Ambushed Paddington. [The Frisky]

Practicing safe sex is important, especially now that one popular STD has become an incurable superbug. [TresSugar]

Science proves that men who are honest and true to themselves have better relationships. [Asylum]

Arguing that oral sex is actually quite intimate, one blogger protests that mouth and genital contact count as real sex. [College Candy]

We all know that office relationships are steamy, but there are a couple reasons why you should consider switching teams. [Lemondrop]

Going green is a hot trend—here's how to bring eco-friendly between the sheets. [Em and Lo]

Men love makeup, but which trends and accessories should you leave at home under lock and key on dates? [Yahoo! Shine]

Giving the term "friendly neighbor" a whole new meaning, Tiger's latest mistress comes out of the woodwork. [Huffington Post]

We all have our awkward breakup stories, but this brings sad to a different level. [Nerve]


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