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Advice for men romance in marriage With Your Adult Partner


Advice for men romance in marriage With Your Adult Partner
Tips for men on how to keep romance alive in a marriage With Your Adult Sex Partner

 Whether married one year, five or fifty, there are tiny romantic things men can do to tell their wives they still care. Be careful with your compliments. Don't criticize your wife's housekeeping, body shape or cooking style, and then give her a little kiss on the cheek, even if you think you're doing her a favor. It's phony, and women don't buy it. Women like to feel acknowledged. If you come home to a disheveled house, give her that kiss on the cheek and ask if she had a bad day.

On the other hand, women get tired of cooking night after night with no rest in sight, so offer to take your wife out do dinner on occasion, or to order takeout once in a while, so she can rest.Compliment her on her clothing not while she's drudging around the house, cleaning and mopping, but when she dresses up for church or a special occasion. Praise how she looks in that dress. Of course, it would be an added plus to tell her she looks sexy in old jeans and a flannel shirt, and that even at her worst she looks best to you. And speaking of sexy, buying her some fancy underwear or a silky slip can be as rewarding as buying a sexy negligee. She can wear the underwear when you're out on the town, and only she and you will know she has it, though you're in a room with a hundred people. That is a very romantic

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thing to share.

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Tiny gifts from a dollar store are also fun. Sure, most women love diamonds, but sometimes it's the little things that count. A stuffed animal with a message tied to its neck is always cute, or a little vase with artificial flowers, or something fancy for the garden or the kitchen window sill is thoughtful. Where women are concerned, thoughtfulness accounts for more than large tangible gifts. Letting her know that your are her dating men who always thought of her when you were at the auto store, and taking time to stop and get her a little something can score you big points. Big gifts are also a plus, especially when they are totally unexpected. Has your wife complained for months, maybe years, that the bathroom needs a makeover? One weekend take her shopping to the home improvement store, tell her to pick out what she wants, and do it over. And don't complain about it.

When it's her birthday, your anniversary, or Christmas time, a gift can make or break the romance. If she's been begging for a vacuum cleaner, get her one, but tell her it's not her gift. Get her a gift in addition to the appliance, and tell her the appliance is for the house. No matter how much she says she needs one, and she probably does, no woman wants work for a gift. If you buy her a blender, put a lovely scarf inside its canister. If you buy her an iron, give it to her with something pretty that doesn't need ironing. Never associate a gift with a chore. Who wants that?

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