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Lost In Translation

He isn't what i use to see before. i hated seeing him,actually i didn't i just hated having him around most of the time. Simply because we never communicated.We met in 6th grade, and I can say ever since it's been the way it is till today. Arguing makes us happy. Arguing at each other that is. I never understood and still dont understand why we just can't find a way to talk. It's as if words aren't good enough for us. It's complicated because he is my friend. Part of the group of guys I've know for about 7 years now. We've done everything together,hard times, good times, middle and high school,Everything really. And I never felt this for him before.I never saw him like I see him today. And it bites. The hardest thing for me is accepting the fact that I have deep feelings for this guys I've known for such a long time. 


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