10 Most Fascinating Couples Of The Year


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Which headline-making celebrity couples made our 2010 list? Read on to find out.

4. Jay-z and Beyonce: Not only are these two one of the most powerful couples of this year but certainly of the decade as well. Independently, with his record label and her concerts and endorsements, they are both at the top of the Forbes list (Beyoncé is ranked #2; Jay-Z #15), and when they join together as a couple, it easily puts the two of them on the top. Yet, despite their reclusive nature and insane gobs of money, they still seem relatively down to earth and are adored by their fans. You can’t help but love them. And we’re thinking that the next year will see the arrival of a little "Jayoncé" baby.

5. Ellen De Generes & Portia De Rossi: Portia’s recent book about her struggle with an eating disorder resulted in some public appearances: the most notable of which was on The View, where she rebuked Elisabeth Hassleback’s reasoning about the term "marriage". When Hassleback asked the actress if the word was more important than the rights, De Rossi eloquently stated that "No, of course the word isn’t more important than the rights," but "without the word, we don’t have equal rights." Ellen continues to be a hit success and a laugh-out-loud riot with her talk show, and according to Reuters.com, 39% of Americans chose De Generes as their top guest to have attend their holiday cocktail parties. We think this power couple is in it to win it. (And by it we mean an enduring flame of love, success, and happiness.)

6. Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal: It’s only been about five weeks with these two, but, already, they've become one of the most talked about celebrity couples of late. Swift has never been shy when it comes to showing her affection (or disdain) for a man—she wrote songs about her devastating breakup with Joe Jonas, an apology ballad to Taylor Lautner, and an aggressive track aimed at a speculated affair with John Mayer. So no matter the outcome of this relationship—happy, sad, mutual ending—there’s likely to be a forthcoming single about Jake.

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