Tiger's Latest Mistress Is His Neighbors' Daughter


Tiger Woods Raychel Coudriet
Tiger Woods' next-door neighbor Raychel Coudriet says he slept with her too.

"I felt used and violated, like I meant nothing to him but a night of casual sex," Raychel told the Enquirer, adding that they didn't use a condom. "I just wanted to dig a big hole, crawl in and die."

Yes, that is how this story makes us all feel. Like bathing in bleach, then dying. Raychel is currently a student at the University of Alabama, and Tiger is currently starring in a super creepy Nike ad while trying to make a comeback at golf's most prestigious tournament. And we're currently just disgusted with everyone.

Via The New York Daily News, Radar Online, and The National Enquirer. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.