Merry Christmas, you Ho, Ho, Ho! You've been a very bad girl!


Merry Christmas, you Ho, Ho, Ho!  You've been a very bad girl!
General advice on relationships, work, life in general and training your "dawg" to be obedient.

   Friends with a man is NOT the same as a girlfriend!  Remember this!  A male friend doesn't want to know who you hooked up with, what kind of car he has, his job, how much money he makes, where he took you, blah, blah, blah.  Not unless he's either A) gay, B) sadistic, or C) both.  Don't fool yourself into thinking that just because he fell for the old "let's be friend's" line of b.s. that his feelings for you have suddenly turned off and it's OK to talk about other men.  It's NEVER OK to talk about other men, unless that man is your Dad, brother, or other family member.  It's only cool to talk about another man if it's a man you have not or are not having sex with, dating, texting, sexting, or emailing on a regular basis.  Including your boss! 

   You can give up the fantasy that you will remain 'close friends' once you break up too.  That's not going to happen.  See, it takes a lot for a man to invest the amount of time and attention required to please just one woman.  That means he is having to give up some little part of himself in order to make you happy.  Why?  Because we women demand compromise, that's why!  We demand equal treatment, equal time, equal attention and in getting it we begin to forget what it takes for our man to do this.  It takes a lot and I mean a lot!  Men don't want to pour their hearts into one woman.  They want to spread it out, among a bevy of beauties in an effort to avoid the heartache you have just sentenced him to! 


   My last piece of advise for you ho's is just this: Never, EVER belittle a man just to make him hurt like you hurt for being called out on your b.s.!  It's demeaning, it's cruel, it's low class-ghetto-white-trailer park-trashy to do so.  If you want strong, independent, ambitious men willing to not only take care of you and treat you like the Queen Pimp you are, then you have to know how to treat them as the King's they deserve to be! 

I'm out!