Merry Christmas, you Ho, Ho, Ho! You've been a very bad girl!


Merry Christmas, you Ho, Ho, Ho!  You've been a very bad girl!
General advice on relationships, work, life in general and training your "dawg" to be obedient.

     One would tend to think that with the holiday's looming ahead, this would be the perfect time to spread some holiday cheer.  Yeah, right!  Too bad the majority of posts I read today are filled with enough bedlem to make the Pope want to fire up a doobie, or at least relax to the secondhand smokey fragrance of it!  The intention of my ramblings is not to confuse, enflame, humiliate, anger, or upset any reader but to spread knowledge and experience in a humorous way, which may confuse, enflame, humiliate, anger and upset a reader or two along the way.  Oh, well.  You can't please everyone!

     I'm going to start off with a posting from a broken hearted gentlemen I gave some advice to this week.  This young man had lost his love to the debauchery of masculine wiles in Brooks Brothers suits, India ink, penny loafers and chinos!  He was, and still is, heartbroken that his "lady love', and I say lady only very mildly, has chosen to play "hide the salami" with various other men, some of whom he is aquainted with, and was reaching out to anyone who would lend and ear.  It just so happened that my ear was available for some bending so I read his post, felt his pain, immediately knew where his mistakes were, and pointed them out in as polite a manner as only I could, and pressed the post button.  I was surprised that he took my advise so well.  Even thanking me for it.


"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..." 

Sorry.  I got lost in my own self indulging thoughts for a moment...back to the post. 

    What I'm leading to is this, "Ladies!  If you're going to act like a Ho, don't be surprised when you get treated like a Ho!"  I'm speaking to the women who are genuinely shocked when a guy doesn't call them back AFTER they've put out!  What, did you think he wanted to buy the cow after you gave him the milk for free?  You may have convinced yourself you were giving him Grade A pastuerized whole milk, but HE thought it was scummy, skanky buttermilk that flies wouldn't touch.  And now that same guy feels like he needs to fumigate his bed because your funk is still in it!  Real men don't date public ho's!  They hit it in the dark, leave some bills and put you out or drop you off afterwards.  Or if you're a high-class ho, they cough up some bills, hit it in the light with the video recorder on, and then tell you to call a cab!  Is that the way you really want to be treated?  If not, then why would you treat someone else that way?  There are ways to break up with someone and ways to avoid and honey, telling a man you just want to be friends but still meeting him for dinner, daytime outings, and THEN hooking up with other men you met while with him and telling him about it, just ain't the way to do it!! 

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