First Time Encounter: The Weakening, Sensual Touch of a Man


First Time Encounter: The Weakening, Sensual Touch of a Man
Imagine spending one night with a man who opens his heart and intuitively reads your sexual wants...

After hearing my friend’s story, I admit I feel both happy and a bit envious of her (OK. perhaps a tad aroused, too). And when I compare it to first times I’ve had with men since divorcing, I can’t help but contrast it. For even though I’ve had great sex with men first time round, our connection was, for the most part, sexual; it was passionate, but driven by formidable lust and physical connection, not sensuality or something deeply intuitive or soul-stirring. Uninhibited Sensual Pleasures: How Open Are You?

Now, I can’t help but wonder: Did my friend possess something special about her that enabled him to read her, know her, give himself to her? Was she open in ways many women aren’t? Did her sensuality somehow trigger a natural response in him?


Or…might it be that this man was of a rare breed? I’m not sure I think most men even capable of making love to a woman like that, not just during their first night together, but EVER.

Whatever the case may be, I sure hope it happens to me some day, even if just once. And I strongly suspect other women might secretly feel the same.

Written by Delaine Moore for Divorced Women Online

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