The Rise of the "Sugar Mamma"


The Rise of the "Sugar Mamma"
Money expert Manisha Thakor discusses the rise of the female breadwinner in America.

Now, if this sounds like I'm stuck in the 1960s, spend a few moments reading a few of the 122 Amazon reviews of one of my all time favorite books, Leslie Bennett's The Feminine Mistake. The hardcover version came out in March 2007... before all economic heck broke lose. Women either adored - or hated - the book's premise, that by ignoring the economic consequences of lifestyle choices, we women are putting ourselves in long-term financial danger. I can't help but wonder what the naysayers would say today in the face of all the painful upheaval brought about by the economic downturn.

In response to the increase in women who are primary or co-breadwinners, I am renaming my blog "The Sugar Mamma Chronicles," and will focus on providing personal finance information (and inspiration!) to working women who want to put themselves in the financial drivers seat of their lives. My first tip for aspiring Sugar Mammas... read Leslie's wonderful book!

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