10 Most Romantic Movie Moments


This is an extremely emotional movie about two young college-aged student’s who fall in love against all odds.  The main characters, Ali McGraw and Ryan O’Neal decide to marry, even at the disapproval of O’Neal’s wealthy family.  But, when McGraw is diagnosed with a terminal illness, O’Neal needs his father’s support.  One of the greatest lines to come out of this film is “Love means never having to say you're sorry."  One of the most romantic scenes is when O’Neal is holding his dying lover.  The American Film Institute says that the film is the most romantic movie of all times. 

Say Anything (1989)
Entertainment Weekly’s pick for the best modern romance features one of the most iconic movie scenes of all times.  John Cusack takes his boom box, raises it over his head and plays Peter Gabriel’s song "In Your Eyes" for his girlfriend after they’ve broken up.  Most women can only wish for a gesture like that from their man.

Ghost (1990)
Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore light up the screen in this emotional tearjerker about a man killed on the street by a mugger who returns to earth to find the culprit and save his girlfriend from the same fate.  The most romantic scene comes when Swayze and Moore are making pottery together and it progressively turns to a sensual love scene with “Unchained Melody” playing in the background.


Pretty Woman (1990).
A Cinderella love story starring Richard Gere, a business tycoon and Julia Roberts, a Hollywood hooker.  Gere meets Roberts and makes a business arrangement that leads to a series of week-long dates that turns Roberts into a lovely, sophisticated woman.  Unexpectedly, feelings begin to develop for the two.  The most fantasy driven romance scene occurs when Gere overcomes his fear of heights by climbing up a fire escape with a bunch of red roses to win the lovely Roberts back.  When he gets to the top he asks what happens after he rescues her.  Roberts replies, "She rescues him right back."

Titantic (1997)

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