Sexy Dressing for Women Fifty and Over: Bring Sexy Back!


Getting Older Does Not Mean a Woman Has to Dress like a Frumpy Old Lady! Jazz Up Your Style!

I will be fifty years old in just a few months and guess what? I could care less. Age is not a problem for me because I take good of myself, I feel good, I still feel sexy and I totally accepting of me. Am I a perfect? No. Do I look like a did when I was twenty-five? Hell no! Do I have some flab, saggy, jiggly spots and extra junk in my trunk? Yup!

I have all of those things as most women do at my age, but I don't worry about it. There is nothing that we can do about aging and our bodies defying gravity, unless you want to and can afford to live in a plastic surgeon's office and really, really like anesthesia and excruciating pain!

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